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Meet Wilfred, an endearing little chap created from a sparse, antique gold mohair. He has shiny black safety-locking eyes complimented by a hand-embroidered, black yarn nose. To contrast against his unkempt fur, Wilfred’s pads and paws are made out of a fawn coloured smooth ultra-suede. Wilfred is one of our traditional, fully jointed bears, meaning his limbs are fully moveable.

Small in stature, Wilfred stands at approximately 21cm tall and is complete with a stylish green striped ribbon. 

Handmade & sent in: 1 to 3 business days

Antique Gold Sparse Mohair

Straight in appearance, our high quality antique gold mohair makes for the most traditional looking bears, whilst the sparseness of the fabric lends handfuls of character to the companions it creates.