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Prowling from the depths of the far lands, our dragon Drogo is handmade from a pure smokey grey mohair finished in a distinctive curl. His fur is complimented by deep black accents, created from a smooth ultra-suede. His flared nostrils and lidded eyes create his mystical charm, beneath those lids, see the glare shine from his bright blue safety-locking eyes. With spines that begin on his nose and trail right down to his pointed tail and twelve individually made claws, he really is a formidable beast, with a weighted bag in his tummy to give him a tactile weight.

Fully jointed using traditional wooden joints, all of our dragons have turnable head and limbs, so you are able to pose them however you wish. Drawing inspiration from dragon depictions, Drogo has silvery-grey veins stitched into his ears and wings.

Drogo is a limited edition. Only 6 of these stunning dragons will be made.

Handmade & sent in: Estimated 2 weeks