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Meet Cedric, an endearing creature crafted from 100% pure off white thick curly mohair.

He is embellished with light beige ultra suede pads, paws, and inner ears, and his shiny black safety locking eyes, black woollen hand embroidered nose, and light brown claws lend a touch of realism to his appearance.

Cedric is fully jointed with our hand-stamped wooden joints and soft filled with recyclable materials making him designed for longevity and comfort. Cedric dons a detachable olive green fully lined ultra suede coat with an antique button fastening, adding to his charm and warmth.

Handmade & sent in: 1 to 3 business days (5-8 business days for personalisation)

White Straight Mohair

This mohair is a lovely pure white, offset by a few darker guard-hairs. This creates a lovely depth to the fur and in turn, the bear.