Well only a few days of 2020 left and along with the rest of you we are hoping for a much, much better year ahead.  That said, we have experienced extraordinary kindness and a real sense of common purpose through this world-wide crisis.  Within the ‘Canterbury Bears Family’ (subscribers and customers) we have a new group who are our ‘Thank You Bear’ community, all profits from those bears were and still are, donated to NHS CHARITIES TOGETHER, we were championed by the lovely Philip Schofield and found this charitable effort went far beyond raising funds … it allowed us to continue to employ our outreach workers, place orders for fur, thread, stuffing and glass eyes with our British suppliers, kept our family focussed and above all connected us with our customers across the world. New bear owners took to social media in droves sharing pictures and videos … it was lovely, thank you to you all!

And so thoughts turn to gift-giving, the teddy bear has been carefully boxed and wrapped at this time of year, with pretty papers and Christmas bows, for more than a century. No matter how many electronic wonders fill our children’s bedrooms there is always a place for a bear and if it is a Canterbury Bear, it will last a lifetime.  Of course it is the parents, guardians, carers, aunts and uncles, grandparents and neighbours who choose to gift a bear to a child, we are all vulnerable to their charms. Perhaps it is nostalgia, but Christmas is a nostalgic time and the comfort that a teddy bear brings is unrivalled among children’s toys and collectables.  So enjoy the feeling that looking at a bear face brings, it engenders kindness and we all need that right now!


The Annual Teddy Bear Toss is a Christmas tradition that began in 1993 at the ice-hockey stadium in Kamloops, Canada.  A celebratory goal prompted fans to throw hundreds of bears onto the ice.  The tradition spread quickly through the Canadian Hockey League, and around the world, with bears being tossed onto the ice in December events and distributed to charities in time for Christmas.  In 2019,  the ‘Hershey Bears’ claimed a world record of 45,650 stuffed toys collected in a single game and they were distributed to over forty Pennsylvania charities.  Of course it might have been expected that 2020 would curtail the Annual Teddy Bear Toss, but not to be perturbed Ice Hockey clubs from Canada to Australia have found inventive ways to collect and redistribute our furry friends.  There have been ‘socially distanced donation lanes’, drive-through and drive-by teddy tossing, kerbside collections and all manner of creative means to get those bears to their new homes … it seems the power of the teddy bear is as strong this year as ever, although we do recommend that you always handle a bear with care!


Looking forward to the romance of Valentine’s Day ….