We can make the perfect bear for you …

Years ago when going through an old trunk that had been sent back from New Zealand, my mother’s place of birth, we came upon a length of beautiful fabric that she had, as a young woman, made into a dress. The fabric had been in the trunk for more than three decades and I was reluctant to put it back and forget about it, so I decided to use it to make a bear. I gave it to my mother, who was thrilled and touched. It evoked countless memories for her, many that been forgotten in the annals of time.

I realised then that we could design and make bears from all sorts of precious things … since then, we have made bears from wedding veils, pieces of children’s clothing and old jeans. We can embroider a name or date on a bear to commemorate a special occasion, and much more …

We are also able to renovate much loved bears, that have become old and worn, bringing them back to life for you to treasure again.

Kerstin Blackburn
Managing Director