Fun Teddy Bear Facts


1. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, someone who collects or is particularly fond of teddy bears is called an ‘arctophile.’This word comes from the Greek arctos (bear) and philos (loving).

2. Teddy bears have only been around for around 100 years. The first one is believed to have been made in Germany in 1902.

3. Teddy bears take their name from U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt; an avid bear-hunter, whose nickname was Teddy. A newspaper article in 1902 reported that, after an unsuccessful bear hunt, the President’s guide wanted to please him so took a wounded bear cub and tied it to a tree for him to shoot. Roosevelt declined, saying this would not be sportsmanlike. The newspaper article included a cartoon of the president cuddling a small bear and it wasn’t long before an American company latched onto the idea and coined the phrase ‘teddy bears.’

4. The largest teddy bear collection ever auctioned belonged to the American multi-million dollar investment scammer, Paul Greenwood. His unique collection of 1,300 toys was auctioned off by the US Government at Christie’s in 2010 for a record £1.1 million.

5. Japanese company Fujitsu has created a cute robot teddy; we think that the huggable classic will always be the best though!